The Histrov Renovation
Complete home renovation to flip a property in 2009-2010. Complete demolition of interior and front porch to make way for a new living/entry addition. New foundation, all new drywall, interior trim, doors, windows, kitchen, bathroom, finshed basement, custom front porch and rear cedar deck's adorned with custom black aluminum railings. Custom stone and stuco siding, a new roof and landscaping. The owner/investor general contracted this flip. We performed all the renovations to frame and install drywall, trim, doors, hardward, bathroom fixtures, finished basement, custom porch and cedar deck. The only thing we didnt do or advise on was the foundation, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, flooring, kitchen cabinetry and paint. The property was originaly bought from an estate sale for approx. $250,000. The owner spent approx. $300,000 on the renovation. The ARV value of this flip is projected to be $750,000.  The owner kept the property as a rental. His projected profit is estimated to be $200,000 
  1. Framing
  2. Bathroom
    Bathroom renovations
  3. Bathroom tub
    Bathroom Tub
  4. Interior
    Windows & Trim
  5. interior
    Interior Doors
  6. Renovation Addition
    Renovated Exterior